Crypto Debit Card

You no longer need to store your assets in third-party wallets and constantly worry. Keep them in your own wallet and shop directly using them.

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About Decentralized

Crypto Debit Cards

Experience the revolution with PaybyBit's Crypto Debit card. Pay directly from your wallet in a fully decentralized way. Use it at any merchant worldwide that accepts cards. Enable two-step transaction confirmation for added security through your smartphone or wallet.

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Choose Your Card


Simplified crypto debit card for cashless payments.

No Minimum Monthly


20 Points


Gold features, plus DeFi options and cashback rewards.

$1,000 Minimum Monthly

Transactions /

200 Points


All Gold and Platinum features, plus BNPL power and enhanced crypto credit.

$10,000 Minimum Monthly

Transactions /

2000 Points

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Experience Complete Decentralization

Unlike other solutions, there's no need to store your assets in third-party wallets!

Connect Directly to Your Wallet

Never keep your assets in a third-party's central wallet again. PaybyBit crypto debit card seamlessly connects directly to your wallet.

Support for +300 Wallets

Your assets can reside in hot or cold wallets – our card supports over 300 wallet options. Your convenience is our priority.

Explore DeFi Options

Unlock the power of your crypto with PaybyBit's DeFi options. Access loans using your crypto assets like NFTs, or embrace BNPL options for flexible transactions.

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How do I connect my PaybyBit debit card to my wallet?

Simply scan the QR code received with your card using your smartphone or device linked to your wallet, including hardware wallets.

Does PaybyBit have access to my wallet assets?

No, PaybyBit does not access your wallet. Choose from two secure options:

  1. Ultimate Access: Faster transactions with one-time permission, fully decentralized.
  2. Everytime Permission (2-step verification): Opt for added security if your card isn't always with you.

When will I receive my Crypto debit card?

We're committed to streamlining processes for faster card delivery. As a fintech startup, PaybyBit is actively pursuing licenses and expanding its offerings. Your pre-order support accelerates our progress. Expect your card soon.

PaybyBit is an emerging fintech startup dedicated to enabling secure and efficient blockchain-powered transactions. Our crypto payment system empowers merchants to accept cryptocurrency with ease, regardless of their familiarity with the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry.


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