PaybyBit offers seamless, user-friendly cryptocurrency payment ​solutions tailored for in-store and online businesses, fintechs, ​and governments. With our platform, enjoy quick and secure ​transactions without needing prior blockchain knowledge.

Where Micro and Macro Crypto Payment Problems Resolve in a ​Regulation-Friendly Way.

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Next Gen Payment

Say hello to a new era of fast, secure, and hassle-free transactions, no blockchain knowledge required.

  • Fast and secure
  • Supports over 410 wallets
  • Direct Payment Through Wallet
  • Decentralized payment gateways
  • Pay with all reliable cryptocurrencies
  • Offramp Crypto-to-Fiat Payment Methods
  • Fully Compliant with Country-Specific Regulations

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Pay with PaybyBit by simply scanning the checkout QR code with your smartphone camera or on the website. Choose your preferred cryptocurrency for instant and secure payment, without intermediaries or complications. Then Merchants receive payments in their preferred crypto or fiat currency conversion.

Our Benefits

Flexible payment & settlement

Flexible payment options are available in a variety of wallets and cryptocurrencies, with settlement options in fiat or cryptocurrency.

Enhanced security

Ensure transaction security by recording data on the blockchain for hack-proof reliability, enabling direct wallet payments and safeguarding against price fluctuations, all accessible through our payment dApp.

Zero transaction fees

PaybyBit has no transaction fees for Merchants, ensuring they receive the full amount paid by customers.

Global Accessibility

Enjoy borderless payments, allowing you to purchase globally without payment method limitations.

Pay employees in fiat; they receive crypto.

Easy and fast setup

Claim your cryptocurrency payment gateway in just three easy steps. No Crypto Knowledge Required

Instant payment processing

Secure and instant payment processing for faster funds transfer. All in average 5 seconds Directly Through Wallet.

Merchant Radar Application

The Crypto Merchant Radar app by PaybyBit enables users to find and access detailed information about merchants worldwide who accept cryptocurrency.


You can discover a step-by-step guide for merchants and customers on how to use PaybyBit, from setting up an account to making transactions.


بيه باي بيت لخدمات تحصيل الرسوم والدفعيات شركة الشخص الواحد ذ.م.م


PaybyBit is an emerging fintech startup dedicated to enabling secure and efficient blockchain-powered transactions. Our crypto payment infrastructures empowers merchants, Fintechs, Banks and Governments to accept cryptocurrency with ease, regardless of their familiarity with the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry.




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